Breakfast Granola

As well as Muesli that I mix up myself  I make a regular batch of Granola. Its unique flavour of roasted nuts, honey and oats really perk up thick yoghurt and give fruit an unusual crunch.

The recipe is an adaptation of a local recipe from the special cookery book produced to celebrate Newton Rigg College centenary in 1995. I always thought Granola to be very 21st century. But maybe Cumbria is way ahead of some trends after all.

I went to Newton Rigg Agricultural College in the 70’s. Firstly to do a ‘young country-womens’ course when I had left school and could not decide what direction to head in. My Dad had just died and that put paid to my leaving home to study like my sister.

Anyway I so enjoyed the short course mix of advanced cookery, craft and gardening skills (as well as having a great laugh with a new bunch of friends) that I decided to do a National Diploma in Dairy and lowland Agricultural management.

Again, the course was a great success as I was able to spread my wings, meet loads of new people, learn the proper way to be a progressive farmer and generally misbehave out of sight of my mother! Yet I was still be able to get back home in half an hour to do weekend milking or lambing duties.



1 cup runny honey

1 cup hot water

1 cup rapeseed oil

1 tsp vanilla

4 cups jumbo oats, 4 cups ordinary oats

2 cups mixed seeds

2 cups nuts (pecan hazel and brazil)

1 cup of trial mix

1 cup maple syrup

Mix all dry ingredients. Add the oil and honey to the hot water and mix in. Spread onto 2 large flat baking trays and squeeze into odd clumps.

In the oven, second oven of Aga , or about 160 c for 1/2 to 3/4 hour. Keep an eagle aye on the tray as the stage between perfectly crisp and burnt is very small !

Add the dried fruit and pour on the maple syrup, mix well and leave to cool. It keeps well in a sealed glass container for about 3 weeks then the flavour disappears.