The Combine Shed at Crake Trees

Summer of 2021

Last summer we served up delicious, freshly made, wood-fired pizzas in our Pop Up Pizza café by the farm house.

Tasty, home made, with a variety of toppings, made to order by chef Lee with help from our family when things got super busy.

It was a success for Glampers, Campers, Self Caterers and locals from the surrounding villages who fancied a night off cooking.

A real mix of people wanting to kick back, relax and enjoy the evening with us


Summer of 2022

Plans are in progress for the reopening of the Pop Up Cafe. Naming of the Cafe is in discussion! It maybe The Combine Cafe, The Workshop or The Combine Shed…….

Keep an eye on Crake Trees Manor  Instagram and Facebook pages for regular updates.

We shall be up and running with an expanded menu, local beer and decent wines, soft drinks and hopefully homemade puddings.

I have some live music and DJ nights booked, so it looks like an exciting summer.