Wood Fired Hot Tub


Escape for a few hours to our Wood Fired Hot Tub hidden within the gothic ruins of a twelfth century manor house.

Imagine sitting back in a steaming wood fired hot tub, the night sky lit up with stars or a tiny new moon, with the crackle of a log fire gently keeping the water warm and inviting. The view from the tub is unique…looking right down over the farm to the Lyvennet valley and the Pennines beyond.

In 2019 the Wood Fired Hot Tub is available only for minimum 2 consecutive nights hire at weekends.

From: £58.00


Order a ready to cook BBQ meal to enjoy around the Wood Fired Hot Tub, or in the Courtyard.
BBQ With Beef or Pork Burger, Farmhouse Sausages with bun, sauce and salad. Plus banana and chocolate to bake…yummy
The cost is per person.
BBQ with Food to cook (GBP 12.50 each)

Picnic Supper of Homemade Pizza or Pork Pie, Cheese, Biscuits, Celery or Tomatoes, Chutney and a small individual pudding (Special diets, let me know)
The cost is per person.
Evening Picnic Supper or Platter (GBP 14.00 each)

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( including use of vintage pewter glasses )

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