Today, even though I only found out this morning, is BOOK DIRECT day.

I know your calendars are bursting with a day for this and a day for that, but having a special day does highlight a cause or an issue and make us think about the days title a little bit more.

BOOK DIRECT day is not quite as catchy as Red Jumper Day, Grandmothers Day or even Eat an Apple a day Day, but important nevertheless.

When making the decision to have a holiday, a weekend away, go to a show, music festival, or wedding we need to choose somewhere to stay.

Often the search starts on Google which leads us to a choice of places to stay. Looking at the hyper link below the description we often don’t even notice the site as one of the big players in the Online Travel Agency (OTA) world.

We make our booking, its quick, relatively easy, and we may even feel our details are safe and protected if things go awry.

But……did we realise that up to 25% of the cost of that booking is Commision, plus 20% VAT on the Commision. All that is paid to the Agent.

On top there will be a fixed price booking fee ( often around £40) if its self catering.

These costs are either deducted from the amount due to your happy host, or are paid as a separate invoice. Often the invoice for Commision is due before the actual sale proceeds wing themselves into the hosts bank account.

I know this seems a bit long winded, but hopefully it will make you think  #bookdirect

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