Renovations 2018 ….and its Hay Time

Its been all about the internals this week.

All the trades  work together to a tight schedule so that the plasterer can complete the skimming and boarding without interruption.

Light holes and cables, underfloor heating pipes and electric circuits all have been meticulously mapped.

After plastering the plumbers and joiners are back to drill and tidy before the Tilers arrive.

A bit of a disaster has happened as we now have no decorating team, so I am trying to source competent decorators at short notice.

But on the farm its busy busy  this week with Hay Time. We are quite unusual at Crake Trees because we make as many small bales of hay as possible. Most farmers now make big Heston bales or stick with Haylage in big bales that is wrapped in black plastic and can be stored outside.

Our Hay Time is a labour of love as the weather has to be dry sunny and not humid. Very difficult  in Cumbria!

But, as “the weathers here” its all go with William and India turning up to help. Meals are taken to the field and eaten sitting on the hay bales. That bit hasn’t changed in over a hundred years.

I hate making sandwiches so usually just take out a meal to eat with a fork from a bowl with bread, cake and fruit.

Last night we had a New Potato salad, which is great for a hot night. Its both dairy and gluten free as a surprising amount of farmers, including our William have difficult diets.

Boil a bag of new potatoes that have been thickly sliced, in water with a cutting of mint. The add whilst still hot…. 2 packs of hot smoked salmon, a tin of anchovies, 4 hard boiled eggs, and a dressing of lemon and rapeseed oil, or some homemade mayonaise. When its cool add sliced up romano lettuce, some red onion and loads of chives and parsley. We had it with sourdough bread ( crisps for Will) an avocado and tomato salad and many mugs of haytime tea.