Snow Pancakes


Years ago, probably when I was a small girl, my mother found an old recipe for ‘Snow Pancakes ‘. We religiously used the recipe each year whenever we had a few days of snow,

Whilst Laura & William were also very young there seemed to be short bursts of snow each January, but it’s been neither here nor there for the last 15 yrs so we seemed to lose the tradition of making snow pancakes.

At Crake Trees we have had a proper snowfall last night  and woke up to a beautiful silence and sunshine that surrounds the countryside for a short time on that first morning of winter snow .

The sheep are happy, the horses want to be out straight away without rugs and the jack resells go mad rolling over and overrun the snow.

Apart from all exposed water pipes being frozen at the cattle sheds life suddenly seems good again

The grandsons Bill and Ted wanted to make pancakes for supper, the snow is crisp but fluffy  and just right for that important task of being the premier ingredient for the pancakes

What is there about snow? who thought of using snow in the pancake mix? I do not know, but they certainly taste wonderful and have a strange texture that the frozen air molecules create.

When following my recipe be careful where you gather your snow, not where the dogs have had a wee or any other suspect area.

I collected it from the top of our Oak seating blocks from the front garden, where no birds have been hopping about on either.

We had the snow pancakes with left over Rum Butter from Christmas and a squirt of lemon to sharpen them up a little.

Mix 9 oz of Plain flour (I used half plain and half Spelt flour) with 4 beaten eggs and about 2 oz of melted butter and a drop on vanilla essence

Slowly beat in ½ pt of milk (with a wooden spoon) and then the ½ pt (by volume) of fresh snow

Make the pancakes with a very little extra butter and oil used to grease the pan

Layer up and keep covered and warm

Remember the first pancake is the cooks perk, which can be eaten whilst the second is cooking