The Shepherds Hut…..A short history

Its creation from an idea to completion.


Thwaites engineers at Morland tackled the job of engineering the skeleton of The Shepherds Hut.

Jan  made drawings and calculations  to scale from my own and mikes artistic efforts with a few alterations to get it in proportion.

With a sprung base and articulated back wheels the frame looked enormous.

What a struggle to get it back to Crake Trees

After winter we managed to find room none of the lambing sheds so that the body work could progress whatever the weather.

But progress was slow as other more pressing jobs got in the way

It was not until we had a booking that Mike had to change up a gear and enlist Malcolm’s help to get completed by August

The galvanised sheeting cladding went on fine, but the curved roof caused a lot of brute force, and the internal insulation and boarding a frustrating amount of waste.

The next hut will be altered slightly to allow more economic use of the timber

When the lovely oak floor went down, it all began to look rather smart.

We had much discussion over the size of the windows and the placing of the door.

Then, adding a verandah and getting it balanced and looking ‘right’ was the next hurdle.

I sometimes thought we had too many opinions , as the construction was certainly creating a lot of interest in the village. People walking the footpath that goes down by the yard stopped to chat, inspect the unusual construction, and add their pennyworth of advise !

But, at last it was time for me to paint the boarding , scrub the windows and floor and try to get the Shepherds Hut pulled to just the right place, by the pond, with the best view and level of course!

The Shepherds Hut certainly looks the part, as you drive up the track it looks like its always been down by the pond, looking right down over the farm to the Eden Valley.

Mike then had to build the Oak bed and the special slate stand for the tiny wood stove.

I have had some simple blinds made, with old handmade crocheted rugs, a local made peg mat and some wonderful locally forged candle holders, all is warm and welcoming.

So… the first guests came to stay one balmy August evening and we were relieved to hear next morning, when I took down their breakfast basket,that the night had been a great success.