The Wood Fired Hot Tub

Escape for a few hours to our Wood Fired Hot Tub hidden within the gothic ruins of a twelfth century manor house.

Imagine sitting back in a steaming wood fired hot tub, the night sky lit up with stars or a tiny new moon, with the crackle of a log fire gently keeping the water warm and inviting. The view from the tub is unique…looking right down over the farm to the Lyvennet  valley and the Pennines beyond.

Prices for 2019. Because of the amount of time needed to drain, clean, fill and heat the Wood Fired Hot Tub is bookable only for 2 night hire at weekends. Cost  £80.00.

Midweek evenings are available for 1 night hire in the summer months at £58.00.

Also occasional very special Midnight Soak sessions for  the midweek Starry Nights of  May/ June /July/August  at £65.00 including a bottle of something Sparkly, ring to enquire.