Erratics – Green Oak Structures and Design

Ecological woodworking

During the conversion of Crake Trees from a 19th century disused barn to our family home we began to use green oak very successfully in the design and structure of the house.

Using the off-cuts and interesting pieces from the massive oak beams, Mike creates small pieces of furniture, low benches, coffee and side tables.

All Mike’s new designs fit so comfortably with our contemporary building design, and look wonderful amongst the existing family antiques. Part hobby, part business, trading as Erratics. Using local trees that have been cut down for safety, or wind blown trees from our own farm.

These are cut and stored in his workshop awaiting a commission or some inspiration to create modern structures and furnishings for interiors, courtyards and kitchens. We also plant hedgerow and woodland trees each year.
We have planted a few trees each year since we were married. Five years ago we planted 3000 and continue to plant young trees and hedgerow bushes each spring.